Cooperation Projects

An open source enclave container runtime and security architecture for confidential computing scenarios

The second-generation Alibaba Cloud native Linux operating system provides a safe, stable and high-performance customized operating environment for cloud applications

Alibaba Dragonwell, as a downstream version of OpenJDK, is the in-house OpenJDK implementation at Alibaba optimized for online e-commerce, financial, logistics applications

A cloud-native confidential computing platform based on Intel SGX trusted applications or used to deliver and manage confidential computing applications provided by Alibaba Cloud Container Service

Occlum is an open source TEE libOS of Ant Group, which can run unmodified applications, greatly reducing the barriers of development of SGX applications

Graphene is Intel open source LibOS that can run unmodified applications

sgx-device-plugin is a Kubernetes Device Plugin powered by Alibaba Cloud and Ant Financial, making it easier to run SGX applications inside a container.